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I'm a Psychological Science graduate. I studied at the University of Psychology in Oporto, the northern city of Portugal, known for its Oporto wines.  My first acting experience happened by accident after being invited to play a role in a short film, starring the Portuguese music band Slimmy and the musician Rui Reninho. A year later, I moved to Lisbon to begin my training as an actor at the acting school “In Impetus Escola de Actores". Thanks to my training at In Impetus, I was able to be part of two important plays: "A Marcha" by Alberto Adelach and "The Blue Room" by David Hare.

After finishing the course, I did an intensive training in acting for camera and scene study workshop at Plural Entertaiment, the main production company in Portugal. Plural Entertainment gave me my first opportunity at a prime-time television series called “Anjo Meu” (“My Angel”) where I played the role of “Clotilde” over 150 episodes.

 In February 2012 I moved to London and for one year I took acting classes at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts being part of a play directed by Thomas Hescott called "The Chamber of Curiosities" written by Tom Morton-Smith.

I auditioned for many short films and I was part of many commercials and coportate films . One of the short films I did in 2014, "The Archivist",  directed by Peter Brook, where I played the leading journalist Abygail Sens, was selected to be part of the London Short Film Festival in 2015. I also had the chance to work with Bruce Burgess, the documentary filmmaker who was responsible for the project "Inside Secret Societies - The KKK", released in 2016 on Channel 5 and on Discovery Channel with over one million viewers.

I've been working in London for five years now but I am always happy and proud to accept oportunities that come from Portugal. That's why I went back home to play a guest role in a prime time Tv Series, Jardins Proibidos. An urge to explore comedy and to get out of my confort zone led me to develop a webseries called Sessions, a project that has been co-created together with George Felner. The eighteen episodes already released were entirely written and performed by me and George. Commercially, I did a campaign for The Furniture Village and another one for Martini. 

In 2017, I got a role in a prime time TV series in Portugal called Jogo Duplo. 




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